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The aquatic equivalents of bimes
aquatic life zones are classified as this
weakly swimming, free floating organism
strongly swimming consumers
break down organic compounds in the dead bodies and wastes of aquatic organisms into nutrients that aquatic primary producers can use
warm, nutrient enriched, shallow water
where rivers meet the sea
coastal land areas covered with water all or part of the year
the area of shoreline between low and high tides
part of an ocean that lies beyond the continental shelf
Hint Answer
lakes that have a small supply of plant nutrients
large natural bodies of standing freshwater formed when precipitation, runoff, streams, rivers, and groundwater seepage fill depressions in the earth's surface
a lake with a large supply of nutrients
the process of human inputs of nutrients from the atmosphere and from nearby urban and agricultural areas can accelerate the eutrophication of lakes
precipitation that does not sink into the ground or evaporate
when surface water flows into streams
the land area that delivers runoff, sediment, and dissolved substances to a stream
lands located away from coastal areas that are covered with freshwater all or part of the time
the cloudiness from water having excessive algal growths
found in the coastal zones, a formation produced by massive colonies containing billions of tiny coral animals

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