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QUIZ: Can you name the Mean Girls quotes?

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'Boo! You __________.'
'She just moved here from Africa.' ; 'I'm from __________.'
'Nice wig, Janis. What's it made of?' ; '_____ _____ chest hair.'
'So if you're from Africa, why are you ______?'
'4 for you, _____ _____, you go _____ _____!'
'I hear her hair's insured for ______ dollars.'
'Do you even go to this school?' 'No..I just have a lot of ________.'
'I hear she does car _____.'
'Omg, ______ ______! I love your work!'
'One time, she met _____ _____ on a plane.' 'And he told her she was pretty.
'Seeing a teacher outside of school is like seeing a _____ on it's hind legs.'
'You have your cousins, then you have your _____ cousins..'
'Laura, I don't hate you because you're _____. You're _____ because I hate you.'
'He's too _____ to function.'
'She asked me how to spell ___________.'
'Ashton Kutcher.' 'Is that a _____...?'
KEVIN GNAPOOR Math Enthusiast/_____ _____ __.__.
'Hi. This is Susan from ______ ______. I have her test results....'
'No offense; but why would she send you a _____ _____? She doesn't even like you that much.'
'She be like Oh, _____ G!' 'Thank you, _____. That's enough.'
'I can't go out. *cough cough* I'm _____.'

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