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1. Who were the Germanic people that held power in the Roman province of Gaul?
2. Who is the leader of the Franks that converted his troops to Christianity
3.What were religious communities built by the Church called?
4. Who were the northern people who invaded Western Europe from 800-1000 A.D
5. What was the name of the social order/political system present in Europe in year 911?
6. What was the lowest social status in feudalism
7. What is the term for a church tax
8. What percent of money from a person’s income went towards the church tax?
9. What is the name of the ideal that involves a knight’s bravery and willingness to fight others?
10. What was the expansion of trade and business in the Middle Ages called? (2 Words)
13. Round arches, heavy roof held up by thick walls and pillars, tiny windows are all characteristics of what type of Cathedral?
14. Huge stain glass windows, open, grand, upward reaching are all characteristics of what type of Cathedral?
15. During the Middle Ages what event mainly helped increase Europe's trade, the rise of middle class, kings power and cultural diffusion?
16. What Pope called for the Crusades?
17. Who was the leader of the Turks that fought against Richard the Lion-Hearted?

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