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Can you name the Order Lagomorpha?

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Summer:Upper gray w/ yellowish wash, belly & tail white, Winter: entirely white w. black ear tips
Back buff grizzled w. black sides, ears long with black tips, tail black on top, white rump
gray-brown to orange-brown. Head and shoulders brighter, small looks like a guinnea pig
Medium-long ears, large hind feet smaller front legs, short fluffy tail, orange grizzled w. black, burnt orange nape of neck, creme eye rings,
Medium-long ears, orangish-peach tinted face, feet extended past head
Hard shell, 9 bands, sparse hairs
Back yellowish-gray finely grizzled w/ black, sides slightly paler, large ears, bottoms of feet tannish
Tail grey above, white on bottom, bottoms of feet black
Back reddish brown grizzled w. black, sides orange-brown, large, ears short & broad
Back orange-brown heavily grizzled w. black, sides paler, orange eye ring, long hind feet, brown rump
Smallest hare, females slightly larger than males, Summer: Upper parts dark brown or brown, sides orange-brown, Winter: entirely white except black ear tips, hind feet long & very
Sylvilagus floridanus
Lepus townsendii
Dasypus novemcinctus
Sylvilagus audubonii
Sylvilagus nuttallii
Sylvilagus palustris
Sylvilagus aquaticus
Lepus Americanus
Lepus californicus
Ochotona princeps
Nine banded armadillo
Snowshoe hare
Marsh rabbit
Swamp rabbit
Mountain cottantail rabbit
American pika
Desert Cottantail rabbit
Eastern cottantail rabbit
White tailed jackrabbit
Black tailed jackrabbit

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