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Which type of software restriction reads the file structure?
What is the wildcard character?
What is the port number for FTP services?
What does DHCP stand for?
What is the full path where the host file is located?
What is the audio transfer rate of a CD?
Which Hi-Def DVD is no longer available?
What should the first file of a website in IIS be named?
What is the Windows command to gain entry into the registry?
How much data can regular CD's hold?
What service may be restarted when working with large host files?
Which file system supports compression?
What are the three versions of Win XP?
What is the widescreen ratio of a monitor?
What service is disable when you remove the gateway from an IP address?
What does NAT stand for?
What does OU stand for?
What service allows users to use the internet for phone service?
What are the current WiFi bands available on the consumer market?
In file permissions, what does RW stand for?
What is the error number associated with 'Page Not Found'
What does NTFS stand for?
What does CRT stand for?
What is the 'older' ratio of a monitor?
What was the name of IBM's OS called?
What is the Windows command to map a network drive?
What does the flash memory CF stand for?
What version of Windows Server did we use in class?
What does VoIP stand for?
What are the two types of LCD screens?
What does GPO stand for?
Which franchise does Paull Allen own?
A CD image file typically has this extension.
Which type firewall is generally less expensive?
What command begins the AD setup?
Which company was known as Big Blue?
What is the server component that can stream media?
Binary Code consists of which two numbers?
What does LCD stand for?
What is the default IP address for the localhost?
Which server service manages user accounts?
What are the two zones managed through DNS
The size of the WindowsPagefile is determined by using the RAM multiplied by this number.
What is the folder path for the files stored in AD?
What does WiFi stand for?
What does SP in SP3 mean?
What does FAT stand for?
What is the term to exchange hardware parts while the equipment is running?
What does RAID stand for?
How many digits make up a Windows Serial?
Which server service distributes IP addresses?
What does DVD stand for?
What does AD stand for?
What is the default FTP directory in IIS?
What does the term optical mean?
What was the code name of IBM's PC project called?
What does FTP stand for?
What is the port number for incoming email?
What does DNS stand for?
A Windows Hive is associated with this feature.
How much data can a regular DVD hold?
What does CD-ROM stand for?
What is the Windows command to find the computer's IP address?
What is the port number for HTTP services?
Which company pioneered Blu-Ray technology?
The program defrag is used on this piece of hardware.
Where was the corporate headquarters of IBM?
Which company first introduced computer mass marketing?
What was the name of the first electronic spreadsheet?
Which server service converts IP addresses to domain names?
What is the name of a IP address that requires to be the same address over and over?
What does the flash memory SD stand for?
What does IIS stand for?
A 32-bit system has a RAM limitation of what size?
What is the port number for outgoing email?
What is the default website directory in IIS?
Which Windows feature requires an invitation to use?
What unit of measurement is the refresh rate of monitors?
What program is used to edit Hosts files?
What does FQDN stand for?
What hardware component can use a RAID configuration?
What preinstalled program allows you to edit HTML files?

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