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This command will use a sonar like technology to find another computer?
What is the command to clear screen in DOS?
Which character on the keyboard represents 'all of'?
Youtube must have this addon player installed for videos to be viewed
What program is commonly used to edit viruses?
Internet Explorer is developed by this company
What does IP stand for?
What does QR stand for?
Which version of Windows XP did we install in class?
Which shutdown command is used to specifiy a time amount?
Which remote connection software requires the computer name and computer password?
What is the command BCC stand for?
What is the command to list the files of a folder?
Which command allows the user to search within files?
A Hosts file can be edited using this program
What does DNS stand for?
What operating system is used to crack Windows Passwords?
Which type of remote connections uses an invitation file?
What command will gain access to the Windows Registry?
What is the name of the incoming mail server?
Which remote connection forcefully logs off a user?
What is the file extension of compressed files built within Windows?
Safari is developed by this company
What is a wireless keylogger called?
This command allows the user to press any key to continue operation?
Which email program did we setup in class?
Which HD optical disk is no longer available?
Which remote connection software is considered to be third party software?
Each section of the registry is called this?
The temporary internet files folder is also known as this?
What is the file extension of the viruses created in class?
Chrome is developed by this company
What was the name of the software used to log keystrokes?
What is the name of the folder where the Hosts file is located?
What is the name of the outgoing email server?
Firefox is developed by this company
Which program was used to create password protected archives?
Which of the current optical disks holds the most data?
Which command in MS Word will give you random text
Which version of IE is standard with Win XP?

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