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ClueWordDouble Letter
Last name of acting brother and sisterAA
Lewis Carroll poemBB
Device that detects movement inside an iPhoneCC
Drew, to LionelDD
Show airing 1982-1993EE
Last name shared by two different winners of the Best Actor OscarFF
Northerner who moved to the SouthGG
One giving a thumbs up?HH
Type of mushroomII
Pilgrimage to MeccaJJ
Fan of Shatner or NimoyKK
Rhetorical device in 'Love's Labour Lost'LL
Property of many binary relations in mathMM
ClueWordDouble Letter
'Get thee to a ____' -- HamletNN
Rafiki in 'The Lion King,' for exampleOO
Village of northern Egypt near Cairo; site of the oldest Egyptian pyramidsQQ
One of the gifts of the magiRR
Type of RNASS
Drink containing whiskey, sweet vermouth and bittersTT
Space-time _____UU
Native American ceremonyWW
Winner of the Best Actor OscarXX
Vodka brandYY
Hillary's predecessorZZ

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