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Who knowns that the keg is non-alcoholic beer that didn't purchase it?
What Does Bill say his favorite TV show is?
Who is Neal for Halloween?
What food does Nick steal a bunch of from the Weir's home?
What is the Freaks' band called?
Finish the banner saying: '________ Lincoln'.
What instrument does Ken's girlfriend play in band?
What laser light show do the Freaks go to see?
What do they actually see?
Bill guesses that 'this' is at the foot of Neil's bed?
What is the name of the smelly kid in class?
What was the nickname Maureen said was given to her old shop teacher?
What is the name on Ken's fake ID?
What game does Mr. Weir want his kids to stay home and play with him?
Lindsay is an ex-member of what school group?
What band did Dimension open for?
What musical is the school putting on?
Lindsay gets to ask a question to what special speaker at the school?
Who gives the Geeks the 35mm adult film?
What event caused Lindsay to start wearing her famed army jacket?

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