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Does the hint describe JD (Scrubs), Ted Mosby (HIMYM) or Both?

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Is from Ohio
Has a mentor named Perry
Lives in New York
Had a scooter named Sasha
Was engaged multiple times
Fell in love with a doctor played by Sarah Chalke
Worked with a constant high-fiver
Has a disease that causes him to fall asleep while pooping
Is repeatedly bullied by a janitor
Was roommates with his best friend in and after college
Hosted a radio show in college
Has a son and a daughter
Owns a stuffed dog
Opened a club/bar in his apartment
Was left at the altar
Had an on-again/off-again romantic relationahip with a close friend
Has a brother named Dan
Has a sister named Heather
Middle name is Evelyn
Impregnated a woman without having sex with her

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