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Forced Order
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DefinitionAnswerWord Type
to humiliate, degradev.
to reduce, lessenv.
to give up a position, usually one of leadershipv.
to kidnap, take by forcev.
something that differs from the normn.
to aid, help, encouragev.
to hate, detestv.
1. to put up with 2. to remain1. v. 2. v.
wretched, pitifuladj.
to reject, renouncev.
denial of comfort to oneselfn.
to give up on a half-finished project or effortv.
1. to cut down, shorten 2. shortened1. v. 2. adj.
to abolish, usually by authorityv.
to sneak away and hidev.
freedom from blame, guilt, sinn.
to freely choose not to commit an actionv.
hard to comprehendadj.
to agreev.
to stress, highlightv.
obtainable, reachableadj.
high praisen.
high praise, special distinctionn.
helpful, obliging, politeadj.
an agreementn.
to confront verballyv.
slow growth in size or amountn.
biting, bitter in tone or tasteadj.
to agree without protestingv.
bitterness, discordn.
keen insightn.
1. sharp, severe 2. having keen insight1. adj. 2. adj.
impervious, immovable, unyieldingadj.
extremely skilledadj.
to stick to somethingv.
to caution, criticize, reprovev.
to decoratev.
skillful, dexterousadj.
extreme praisen.
to sketch out in a vague wayv.
antagonistic, unfavourable, dangerousadj.
1. to argue in favour of something 2. a person who argues in favour of something1. v. 2. n.
somehow related to the airadj.
artistic, related to the appreciation of beautyadj.
friendly, amiableadj.
a spontaneous feeling of closenessn.
rich, wealthyadj.
DefinitionAnswerWord Type
an insultn.
to increase or make granderv.
1. a whole or total 2. to gather into a mass1. n. 2. v.
distressed, wronged, injuredadj.
quick, nimbleadj.
believing that the existence of God cannot be proven or disprovenadj.
a passageway between rows of seatsn.
eagerness, speedn.
a false name or identityn.
to soothe, easev.
to assert, usually without proofv.
to relieve, make more bearablev.
to distribute, set asidev.
reserved, distantadj.
a dispute, fightn.
to bring together, unitev.
uncertain, variably interpretableadj.
having opposing feelingsadj.
to improvev.
willing, compliantadj.
an item that increases comfortn.
showing love, particularly sexualadj.
without definite shape or typeadj.
being out of correct chronological orderadj.
something that reduces painn.
similar to, so that an analogy can be drawnadj.
one who wants to eliminate all governmentn.
a cursed, detested personn.
a short, humorous accountn.
loss of sensationn.
extreme sadness, tormentn.
1. to incorporate territory or space 2. a room attached to a larger room or space1. v. 2. n.
to make void or invalidv.
something that does not fit into the normal ordern.
being unknown, unrecognizedadj.
something that came beforen.
a selected collection of writings, songs, etc.n.
a strong dislike, repugnancen.
old, out of dateadj.
clean, sterileadj.
the absolute oppositen.
DefinitionAnswerWord Type
intense uneasinessn.
lacking concern, emotionadj.
fictitious, false, wrongadj.
inspiring shock, horror, disgustadj.
to calm, satisfyv.
to assess the worth or value ofv.
1. to seize, arrest 2. to perceive, understand, grasp1. v. 2. v.
to take, make use ofv.
relating to wateradj.
suitable for growing cropsadj.
one who can resolve a dispute, make a decisionn.
based on factors that appear randomadj.
the process or act of resolving a disputen.
of or relating to treesadj.
obscure, secret, known only by a fewadj.
of or relating to an earlier period in time, outdatedadj.
the most representative or typical example of somethingadj.
extreme vigor, energy, enthusiasmn.
excessively dryadj.
to take without justificationv.
a remaining piece from an extinct culture or placen.
a craftsmann.
to perceive, learnv.
practicing restraint as a means of self-discipline, usually religiousadj.
to assign, credit, attribute tov.
a curse, expression of ill-willn.
to long for, aim towardv.
to attackv.
to evaluatev.
hard-working, diligentadj.
to ease, pacifyv.
very clever, craftyadj.
1. a place of refuge, protection, a sanctuary 2. an institution where the insane are kept1. n. 2. n.
to repent, make amendsv.
to wither away, decayv.
to achieve, arrive atv.
1. to credit, assign 2. a facet or trait1. v. 2. n.
not typical, unusualadj.
excessively boldadj.
able to be heardadj.
to add to, expandv.
favourable, indicative of good thingsadj.
very bare, bleakadj.
excessive greedn.
to seek revengev.
a particular dislike for somethingn.

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