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Forced Order
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DefinitionWordWord Type
to stop, block abruptlyv.
a love songn.
dull, commonplaceadj.
a burdenn.
a poet, often a singer as welln.
shy, excessively timidadj.
1. a device that supplies power 2. assault, beating1. n. 2. n.
to trick, deceivev.
something of tremendous power or sizen.
marked by goodness or doing goodadj.
favorable, not threatening, mildadj.
to pass on, givev.
to scold vehementlyv.
devoid of, withoutadj.
to beg, plead, implorev.
DefinitionWordWord Type
a tendency, inclination, prejudicen.
cheat, defraudv.
to coax by using flatteryv.
an imperfection, flawn.
1. a plague, disease 2. something that destroys hope1. n. 2. n.
loud and full of energyadj.
excessively confident, pompousadj.
a gift or blessingn.
a middle-class person, capitalistn.
excessively bold, brashadj.
short, abrupt, dismissiveadj.
1. to strike with force 2. an arrangement of food set out on a table1. v. 2. n.
to polish, shinev.
1. to support, hold up 2. something that offers support1. v. 2. n.

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