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Can cause adrenal failure
Foamy eosinophilic alveolar exudate
Block biosynth of ergosterol
Tx Candida
Must give this antifungal w/ food or soda
Dx disseminated histo
Septate, acute angles
Spherule w/ endospores
SE Asia AIDS patient
Hypoxemia on exertion
Tx Cryptococcus neoformans
forms aggregate in cell membrane w/ ergosterol
Aplastic anemia is a side effect
Dx Aspergillus, along with tissue culture. ELISA for?
Dx mucor
South America
Tx mucor
Dx self-limited histo
ACTUALLY prevents shake n bake (w/ tylenol)
Dx chronic pulmonary histo
Cigar shaped
Broad based bud
Positive germ tube test
Arizona/southern CA
Tx Blastomyces
Tx Aspergillus, other than Aspergilloma
Vision problems (acid trip?) is a side effect
Dx dermatophytes w/ microscopy & culture on this medium
Disrupt function of the beta-(1,3)-glucan synthesis complex
Tx Sporothrix
Adrenal excess is a side effect
Dx candida
Dx Coccidioides, other than biopsy/culture
Capsule stains w/ India Ink
OH/MS river valleys...and Houston!
Dx sporothrix
Pidgeon droppings
Dx Blastomyces
Tx histo

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