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low grade serous ovarian carcinomas have these mutations
true or false: migraine with aura is an absolute contraindication to OCP use
BRCA (commonly mutated in familial breast & ovarian cancer) regulates this tumor suppressor
other than irregular bleeding & weight gain, name a serious side effect of depot progesterone injection
these two sex-cord stromal tumors have feminizing effects in females
true or false: risks of OCPs include weight gain, fibrocystic breast change & fetal malformations if used in early pregnancy
benign cause of nipple discharge (other than lactation)
tumor marker of seminoma in males
Mirena & ParaGard are IUDs. One contains progesterone & may cause amenorrhea; the other contains copper & is contraindicated in Wilson's dz. Which one is good for women w/ CP?
most common cause of gyn cancer death
2nd MCC male-factor infertility (ok, technically 3rd after idiopathic)
benign ovarian mass composed of 3 germ layers; 20% of ovarian neoplasms in reproductive age women
this component of OCP thickens cervical mucus, slows tubal secretions & peristalsis, atrophies endometrial lining & often inhibits ovulation, but does NOT blunt gonadotropin releas
benign solid ovarian mass; more common in older women; spindle cells & fibrous bands
most common form of breast cancer (70% of all breast cancers); worst prognosis
male factor is involved (solely or in combination with female factor) in what percentage of couples with infertility?
most common benign breast growth, common in young women, NOT premalignant
tumor marker for epithelial ovarian cancers
Have IUDs been shown to be abortifactants?
tumor marker for endodermal sinus tumor & embryonal carcinoma in females
4th most common fatal cancer in the US; affects 1 in 56 women; peak age 56-60
tumor marker for granulosa cell tumors in females
3-4% of breast cancer; eczematous change of the nipple; often w/ bleeding
classic pathologic feature of granulosa cell tumor
toxicity of herceptin: allergic reactions and...
NuvaRing contains progesterone; does it contain estrogen
HPV protein E6 degrades this tumor suppressor
this mutation of a gene on chromosome 17 confers an 85% lifetime breast cancer risk
second most common form of breast cancer (5-10%); second worst prognosis
Do implanon or nexplanon (implanted in arm for 3 yrs) contain estrogen?
intermediate grade prostate cancer has Gleason score of...
peau d'orange appearance of skin of the breast; very poor prognosis
minimum 'normal' adult testis size in cc
common chemo for ovarian cancers
tumor marker of choriocarcinoma in males
most common cystic ovarian mass in women of childbearing age
Signet ring cells in ovary? It's a Kruckenberg tumor, a metastasis from the...
60% of women (usually premenopausal) have this benign breast condition
tumor marker for choriocarcinoma of the ovary & embryonal carcinoma in females
What is the single most common form of contraceptive used in 2006-2008 (27% of users)?
these two sex-cord stromal tumors have masculinizing affects in females
HPV protein E7 binds & inhibits this tumor suppressor
ovarian tumor type that is frequently bilateral; often has psammoma bodies
most common metastatic tumor found in the ovary arises from...
MCC male-factor infertility
tumor marker of dysgerminoma in females
most common gyn cancer in the US
second most common metastatic tumor found in ovary arises from...
tumor marker of yolk sac tumor in males
high grade serous ovarian carcinomas have these mutations affecting p53

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