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Can you name the facts relating to various animals from mythology, religion, and folklore?

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Companion of the hunter Orion, who was placed at Orion's heels in the night sky following his death. 
Three-headed guardian of the gates of Hades. 
Owner of Argos, a faithful dog who waited 20 years so he could see his master before dying. 
Woman transformed into a spider for offending Athena/Minerva with her weaving. 
Trickster spider from West African folklore. 
Real Life Scottish King said to have been inspired by a spider's continued efforts to build a web. 
Prophet who in the King James Bible 'was in the belly of the fish three days and three nights.' 
New Zealand natives whose name for the Milky Way translates literally as 'parent fish of Tangaroa'. 
Type of fish caught by Finn MacCool in the river Boyne. Finn gained wisdom by sucking his thumb after burning it on this fish's flesh. 
Hindu remover of obstacles, often depicted with an elephant's head and mounted upon a mouse. 
Greek God and patron of Delphi given the epithet Smintheus (rat catcher) by Homer in the Iliad. 
Squirrel of Norse myth who carries messages between the serpent at the roots of the World Tree and the eagle at its peak. 
Second bird released by Noah to see if the floodwaters had receded. Now considered a symbol of peace. 
Bird into which Zeus transformed to seduce Leda, and into which the Irish children of Lir were transformed. 
Welsh Goddess whose birds could waken the dead. Her story inspired Stevie Nicks. 
Mythical firebird said to rise from the ashes of its own self-immolation every few hundred years. 
Type of bird of Hunin and Munin, the birds of 'thought' and 'memory' that are Odin's messengers. 
Gigantic bird, reputed to carry off elephants to munch on, that features prominently in the tales of Sinbad. 
Greek messenger and trickster God who stole his brother Apollo's cattle while still and infant. 
Destroyer of the Hindu trinity whose epithet Pashupati literally translates as 'Lord of Cattle'. 
'Hound of Culain' who defended the Brown Bull of Cooley against the cattle raid from Connacht. 
Ancient culture in whose mythology both Bast and Sekhmet are depicted with feline heads. 
Mother Goose tale in which a miller's son receives a cat as his inheritance. 
Norse Goddess of love and fertility said to ride in a chariot pulled by two cats. 

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