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Can you name the films whose soundtrack features these tracks?

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Track TitlesMovieComposer(s)
Karen`s Journey - Siyawe, I Had A Compass From Denys, Alone On The Farm John Barry
Two Socks at Play, Ride to Fort Hays, the Buffalo RobeJohn Barry
The Agoge, Immortals Battle, Tonight we Dine in HellTyler Bates
In the Bulrushes, Thus Says the Lord, Red SeaElmer Bernstein
Ewell's Hatred, Lynch Mob, Boo Who?Elmer Bernstein
Chronicle Scherzo, Susan's Room, XanaduBernard Herrmann
Shoeless Joe, Timeless Street, Moonlight GrahamJames Horner
Falkirk, Freedom/The Execution/BannockburnJames Horner
The Temple of Poseidon, Hector`s Death, Briseis and AchillesJames Horner
Oath and the Black Arrow, Ambush at Sherwood, Escape from the GallowsErich Wolfgang Korngold
Track TitlesMovieComposer(s)
Atmospheres, Also Sprach Zarathustra, Lux Aeterna (all excerpted)Gyorgy Ligeti , Richard Strauss, others
The Whammer Strikes Out, Winning, MemoRandy Newman
Put On Your Sunday Clothes, La Vie En Rose, 2815 A.D.Thomas Newman, Others
Connie's Wedding, Sicilian Pastorale, BaptismNino Rota
The Stroke of Midnight, Little Dressmakers, A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart MakesPaul Smith, Oliver Wallace, Others
A Boat in the Fog, The Little Monkey Escapes, AeroplanesMax Steiner
Eight More Miles to Louisville, Old Joe Clark, Dueling BanjosEric Weissberg, Steve Mandel, Uncredited
Nocturnal Pursuit, Climbing Devil's Tower, Arrival of Sky HarborJohn Williams
The Idol Temple, Desert Chase, Ride to the Nazi HideoutJohn Williams
Slaves to Rome, Barbarian Horde, Now We Are FreeHans Zimmer, Lisa Gerrard

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