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AnswerSong TitleArtist (Year)
Look...the poodle was about to pee all over your carpet. You should be glad that I opened the door and prevented a mess!The Baha Men (2000)
Didn't you hear? Raising cattle's all mechanized now. You could probably find a few over at the Western kitsch theme park though.Paula Cole (1997)
A powerful feeling of connection. Just ask those two guys over at the Roxbury.Haddaway (1993)
In your chest, presumably.Celine Dion (1990)
By breathing, eating, sleeping, and, most importantly, NOT committing suicide.Laura Branigan (1983), Michael Bolton (1989)
Quite a few of them do, given that a fair percentage of Africans are Christian and celebrate it.Band-Aid (1984)
On an absolute scale, not at all. But for someone well over 60, you're still looking pretty hot!Rod Stewart (1978)
I'm kcostell.The Who (1978)
Would you prefer my affection measured in inches or centimeters?The Bee Gees (1977)
I do, thanks to my lovely precision-calibrated Swiss chronometer.Chicago (1970)
Why yes. It was just drizzling last night, in fact.Creedence Clearwater Revival (1970)
Because we'd be violating about a dozen public obscenity laws, and I don't want to see our picture plastered all over the papers after the highway patrol arrests us!The Beatles (1968)
If you`re starting from LA, the easiest route is to take I-5 up to Route 152. That`ll get you to Route 101, which takes you right there.Dionne Warwick (1968)
If you're speaking literally, the blood from the wound kills them pretty quickly. Metaphorically, they'll get over it sooner or later.Jimmy Ruffin (1966)
Not since I was about 10 and saw a TV show revealing all of David Copperfield's secrets. What a letdown that was.The Lovin' Spoonful (1965)
Perhaps if you hadn't been so capricious in your use of herbicide they'd still be around!Pete Seeger (1961)

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