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Can you name the facts about Zeus' many dalliances?

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Husband of Alcmene who Zeus disguised himself as to seduce her. 
Hero born of the union of Zeus and Alcmene. 
Amazonian queen whose girdle that hero stole. 
Goddess of Spring born to Zeus and Demeter. 
Greek God who kidnapped that daughter to be his wife. 
Fruit whose seed that daughter ate, binding her to her kidnapper for four months each year. 
Zeus appeared to Danaë as a shower of ______. 
Heroic son of Zeus and Danaë who married Andromeda 
Gorgon slain by that hero. 
Bird in whose form Zeus seduced Leda. 
Immortal twin half-brother of Castor born of the union. 
'Face that launched a thousand ships', also born of the union. 
Warrior Goddess daughter of Metis, born and armed by her mother inside Zeus' head 
God and smith who in some legends hammered that Goddess out of Zeus' forehead. 
Greek writer whose 'Theogony' claims Metis was Zeus' first wife, and not just a mistress 
Group of 12 Gods/Goddesses to which Themis belonged as well as Prometheus 
Trio made up of Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos born to Zeus and Themis 
Personifications of the seasons, also born to Themis and Zeus, sometimes named Eunomia, Dike, and Eirene 
Animal Zeus turned Io into to protect her from Hera 
100-eyed watcher Hera sent to keep Zeus away from Io 
Animal in whom Hera placed that watcher's 100 eyes after its death 
Other Consorts
Apollo's Twin Sister, a daughter of Zeus and the Goddess Leto 
Group of nine patron Goddesses of the arts born of a nine-night-stand of Zeus with Mnemosyne 
Phoenician princess whose abduction ('rape') by Zeus in the form of a white bull was painted by Titian 

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