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Tune the glee club 'sang' to fool Mr. Belding before the competition?6 Words
Name of the beach club the gang worked at one summer?2 or 3 Words
Movie theater in Germany visited by Jennifer and Albert-Clifford?2 Words
Jessie's 'brother' Eric from New York stuffed Screech into what as he took apart Belding's car?1 or 4 Words
Lisa's initial reaction to being accepted to F.I.T. after her fashion show?5 Words
Lisa's favorite drink at the Mystery Mansion Weekend?6 Words
College some call the 'Harvard of the West'?1 Word
Song Jessie shouted to Zack when attempting to take more caffeine pills?3 Words
What band did Screech sleep in the mall for tickets to go see?2 Characters
College that offered Slater a wrestling scholarship?1 or 3 Words

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