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QUIZ: Can you name the classic Styx song, based upon the lyric?

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And I'll try, oh Lord, I'll try to carry on.
Well it's true just take a look - The cover sometimes makes the book / And the judges, do they ever ask to read between your lines.
Every day's a holiday when your lips meet mine / The music's keepin' time with our love.
I call her on the telephone, she says be there by eight / Tonight's the night she's moving in and I can hardly wait.
Red white and blue, gaze in your looking glass / You're not a child anymore.
I tell you hello / And what do you say / As I stop you go / There's no reason to stay.
I wonder what tomorrow has in mind for me / Or am I even in it's mind at all.
Come on in and see what's happening / Pay the price, get your tickets for the show.
You see the world through your cynical eyes / You're a troubled young man I can tell.
There in the fog his song kept calling me / Leading me on with its haunting melody.
Cause it's hard to please most everyone / When your spirit's got you on the run, on the run.
Give me a job, give me security / Give me a chance to survive.
Luck is a lady whose smile is as cold as a stone / She'll bring you things, many things you might never have know.
Hangman is comin' down from the gallows and I don't have very long.
I guess we used to be the lucky ones / Good fortune smiled on everyone.
I was so cool back in sixty-five / I had it made 'cause I understood what to do to survive.
Don't need no fast buck lame duck profits for fun.
And I've given up hope on the afternoon soaps / And a bottle of cold brew.
The rain was hot, the streets were empty / As downtown closed her eyes.
Mirror, mirror on the wall / The face you've shown me scares me so.
My heart is human, my blood is boiling, my brain I.B.M.
Get the lead out go for broke / Pop your pills and drink and smoke.
You learn to walk & talk & laugh & cry / Heart & soul til the day you die.
Lady of the morning / Love shines in your eyes.
What can I do / pictures of you still make me cry.

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