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QUIZ: Can you name the Lego Star Wars Characters for Wii?

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Green Jedi With Tentacle Hair
Green and Brown Bounty Hunter
Flying Brown Things (With Green or Red Gun)
Short Old Looking Guys With Tazer From Cloud City
Green Bounty Hunter With Yellow Shirt
Jabba The Huts Assistant
Queen of Naboo in Disguise
White Soldiers With Helmets
Pilot of the Millenium Falcon
Blue Astromech Droid
Protects Padme and Wears Brown Clothes
From Kamino (Starts With T)
Trained Anakin Skywalker
Red Robe Wearing Protectors of the Emperor
Blue Skin With Brown Clothes
Gungan Warrior With Shield and Spear
Han Solos Wookie Friend
Yellow Rebel
Purple Bounty hunter With Mask
Small Brown Guys With Tazers
AKA Sandpeople
Green Guys With Axe Type Weapon
Invisible Anakin Skywalker
Blue Shirt With Black Hair
Blue Battle Droid
Killed by the Emperor and Anakin Skywalker
Bounty Hunter With Big Gun and a Greyish Mask
Newer Version of Clone
Silver Protocol Droid
Blue Flying Gambler
Jabbas Guards (Not the Gamorrean Guards)
Yellow Protocol Droid
Blue Outfit and Protector of Lando Calrissian
Red Rebel
Evil Version of R2 D2
Wicket is One
Protects Padme
Seen in Level 2-1 Orange and Has 4 Arms
Rolling Droid That Has Its Own Force Field
Bounty Hunter With White Mask
Invisible Yoda
Does Not Have Any Weapons Except His Fists
Sith With Double Sided Lightsaber
Helps Qui Gon Jin Find the Gungan City
Kills the Emperor
Sith With Electrocution From Level 2-6 & 3-1
Has a Gas Mask
Queen of Naboo
Found On Tatooine & Competes in Pod Race
Droid With 4 Lightsabers
Short Droid With Ball Shaped Head
AKA Darth Sidious
Orange Rebel Leader With White Outfit
Commander Can Talk to a Walkie Talkie
Body Guard For Grievous With Double Sided
Silver Bounty Hunter
Son of Padme and Anakin Skywalker
Chewbacca is One
Commander of the Death Star Wears Grey Outfit
White and Blue Bounty Hunter
Blueish Green Bounty Hunter With Blue Clothes
Red Astromech Droid
Administrator of Cloud City
Daughter of Padme and Anakin Skywalker
Droid Shaped Like a Box With Legs
Killed by Darth Vader
Unlockable Character With Whip
The Supreme Chancellor of the Republic
Small Green Jedi Master
Bald Tall Headed Jedi
Apprentice of Obi Wan Kenobi
Red Skin With White and Blue Hair
Invisible Ben Kenobi
Clone That Gets Killed by General Grievous
From Kamino (Starts With L)
Small Droid With Big Circle for an Eye
Leader of the Gungans
Killed by Darth Maul
Black Clothes With Black Hair
An Ewok That Helps the Rebels

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