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Ped/Pod Word DefinitionPed/ Pod Wordhints
A four-footed animaldog, cat, bear, horse, giraffe
Care for the feet and toenailsWomen like to get these in the summer when wearing flipflops.
The support at the foot of a vase or statueYou would use this to help support a vase or statue.
An obstacle at one's feet; a hindranceThis term is also used when talking about someone who has trouble speaking.
A foot travelerCrossing for this definition happen at almost every stoplight.
A three-footed standTri means three...
Means foot/ feetlatin/ greek root word
One who treats disorders of the feetSomeone would go to this person if they had a hurt toe.
an instrument for measuring the distance one covers on footPeople use these as a way to count steps they take during the day.
An insect having many legsCent means one hundred...
A foot leverMany vehicles have these to use to increase the speed.

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