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Forced Order
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After seeing their flight being cancelled, Tom looked _____ at his mom, knowing that they would have to stay overnight and not get home until tomorrow.
My grandma's perfume ________ through the house this morning as she put it on.
My dog, Lucy, was in the state of __________ after going on a run with me last night.
Whenever a new president of the United States is elected, the outgoing president has to ____________ control in January.
Because my brother and I were playing basketball in the house, we knocked over a pitcher of water, causing a ________ of the liquid to come rushing out on to the floor.
I accidentally forgot to clean out the container with my leftover yogurt in it. When I opened it up a week later, a huge __________ filled the room, as the container had mold in it
As we were making our way up the side of the mountain to the ski resort, the roads were __________ causing me to feel sick to my stomach.
My brother had a _________ of beany-babies when they were in fashion. His collection fills up two large rubbermaid boxes.
When I ski, I usually start with the green or blue slopes. The blacks consist of ________ that could potentially get in my way, making it difficult to make it down the mountain.
After running the 5K, I was ___________ and drank an entire 8 ounce glass of water.
Because we arrived home late from our trip to California and we had to be at work early the next morning, we just dumped our luggage and items by the front door, leaving our house
On our drive to visit family, we noticed the way the clouds were dark and stormy, leaving us with a _______ view of the sky and worrying about driving through storms.
When I sleep through the morning alarm, my day starts off wrong, leaving me __________ for the rest of my day.
After my grandma died, I found ___________ when I snuggled up in her old sweater, bringing back good memories of her.
The roasting turkey at Thanksgiving _________ the entire house, making my family members hungry and anxious for dinner.
Sometimes when I want to irritate my little brother, I __________ him and repeat whatever he is saying. He gets so mad when I do that.
When staying at a supposed 'haunted' hotel, my _________ fears of ghosts and spirits come out when I heard a sound in the hall.
The need for Kayla to walk back to her house to get her allowance money was ___________, as when she arrived to the book fair, her book was sold out.
My father was _______ after accidentally breaking my mother's favorite vase. He apologized and offered to buy her a new one.
The waiter brought out a cup of hot tea, but the customer seemed concerned that there was actual tea in it since there was no color; it was ________.

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