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Can you name the highest country elevation ranges??

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elevation rangecountryhigh and low points
9002 m/29534 ftMt. Everest/Aydingkol
8788 m/28799 ftMt. Everest/Kanchan Kalan
8611 m/28251 ftK2/Arabian Sea
8586 m/28177 ftKangchenjunga/Kuttanad
7473 m/24518 ftGangkhar Puensum/Drangme Chhu
7307 m/23973 ftJengish Chokusu/Kara Darya
7234 m/23734 ftNoshaq/Amu Darya
7195 m/23606 ftIsmoil Somoni Peak/Syr Darya
7142 m/23432 ftKhan Tengri/Karagiye Depression
7065 m/23179 ftAconcagua/Laguna del Carbón
6893 m/22615 ftOjos del Salado/Pacific Ocean
6768 m/22205 ftHuascaran/Pacific Ocean
6452 m/21168 ftSajama/Rio Paraguay
elevation rangecountryhigh and low points
6280 m/20604 ftMt. McKinley/Badwater Basin
6267 m/20561 ftChimborazo/Pacific Ocean
5959 m/19551 ftMt. Logan/Pacific, Atlantic, and Arctic Oceans
5892 m/19331 ftMt. Kilimanjaro/ Indian Ocean
5881 m/19295 ftHkakabo Razi/Indian Ocean
5700 m/18701 ftPico Cristobal Colón/Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea
5670 m/18602 ftMt. Elbrus/ Caspian Sea
5646 m/18524 ftPico de Orizaba/ Laguna Salada
5638 m/18497 ftDamavand/ Caspian Sea
5201 m/ 17064 ftShkhara/Black Sea
5199 m/17057 ftMt. Kenya/Indian Ocean
5137 m/16854 ftMt. Ararat/Mediterranean and Black Seas

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