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Can you name the friends characters from another role played by the actor?

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Forced Order
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Movie RoleFriendHint
Peter MitchellThe character appeared in the 1987 film, its 1990 sequel, and in a proposed third installment rumored to be in development. All three stars are probably available.
Trapper John McIntyre The 1970 film version of the thoracic surgeon and fomer Darmouth QB.
Jenny GroganAt the outset of the 2008 film, Jenny and her husband relocate to Southern Florida where they are hired as reporters for competing papers.
Michele WeinbergerIn 1997, she traveled back to Tucson for her 10 year reunion.
Don WestThe 1998 film was set in 2058, with Major West unwillingly drafted as the new pilot of the Jupiter Mission.
Mike PetersIn a 1996 film, Mike is a struggling comedian from New York, who broke up with his long-term girlfriend when he moved out to LA.
Brian Fantana For the 2004 film, they did studies on his cologne and 60% of the time, it works every time.
Nicholas 'Oz' Oseransky Appearing alongside the character Jimmy 'The Tulip' in both the 2000 film and its 2004 sequel.
Melissa RobinsonShe was the chief publicist of the Miami Dolphins in a 1994 comedy.
Irwin WadeTechnician Fourth Grade Wade, a medic, is killed during an attempt to neutralize a small German machine gun position close to an abandoned radar station in this 1998 film.
Tom ThompsonIn a 1996 romatic comedy, Tom struggles with a supposedly faulty memory as an unrequited high school love re-enters his life.

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