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LyricSong TitleMovie
'I can see there's so much to learn It's all so close and yet so far I see myself as people see me Oh, I just know there's something bigger out there '
'The pretty wisdom does not come without learning And revision not wholly with our eyes We can think that we see Truly see you're around us But when we look'
'If you should have a chronic ache Pills won't make you strong The only tonic you should take Is a teaspoonful of song'
'Les poissons, les poissons Hee hee hee, haw haw haw With a cleaver I hack them in two I pull out what's inside And I serve it up fried God, I love little fishes, don't you?'
'And then And then You take a spark of bossa One fandero Take a wiggle You've got the fascinating rhythm of the samba'
'Mister Aladdin, sir What will your pleasure be? Let me take your order Jot it down You ain't never had a friend like me No no no'
'Life's a happy game You could clown around forever Neither one of you sees, your natural boundaries Life's one happy game'
'The curl of her lips The ice in her stare All innocent children Had better beware She's like a spider waiting For the kill Look out for Cruella De Vil'
'When you're alone Who comes around To pluck you up When you are down And when you're outside, looking in Who's there to open the door? That's what friends are for!'
'I remember Daddy told me: “Fairytales can come true You gotta make 'em happen, it all depends on you' So I work real hard each and every day Now things for sure are going my way
'Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo I'm streetwise I can improvise Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo I'm streetsmart I've got New York City heart'
'We'll have you washed and dried Primped and polished till you glow with pride Trust my recipe for instant bride You'll bring honor to us all '
'I wonder, I wonder, I wonder if my heart keeps singing, Will my song go winging To someone, who'll find me And bring back a love song to me.'
'We're three happy chappies With snappy serapes You'll find us beneath our sombreros We're brave and we'll stay so We're bright as a peso'
LyricSong TitleMovie
'A Heffalump or Woozle is very confusel The Heffalump or woosel is very sly - sly - sly - sly They come in ones and twoosels but if they so choosels'
'I can be huge Fill the whole house I can be tiny, Small as a mouse Black sorcery is my dish of tea It comes easy to me 'cause I'm the Magnificent, marvelous, mad Madam Mim! '
'And the sweeping and the dusting They always keep her hopping '
'That's right, to keep you safe and sound, dear Guess I always knew this day was coming Knew that soon you'd want to leave the nest Soon, but not yet'
'I saw a front porch swing, heard a diamond ring, I saw a polka-dot railroad tie. But I think I will have seen everything when I see an elephant fly.'
'When he smiled The girls went wild with oohs and aahs And they slapped his face On ev'ry vase (on ev'ry 'vase')'
'A Pooh Bear takes Care of his Tummy By Never Forgetting to Eat!'
'Never ever thinkin' there was danger in the water They were drinkin', they just guzzled it down Never dreamin' that a schemin' sherrif and his posse Was a-watchin' them'
'So many things to tell her But how to make her see The truth about my past? Impossible! She'd turn away from me'
'If your faithful to your daily practicing You will find you progress is encouraging Do mi so mi do me so mi fa la so it goes When you do your scales and your arpeggios'
'Yet he has a certain air Debonair and devil-may-care It's the new schoolmaster, what's his name? Ichabod, Ichabod Crane '
'I've got no strings so I have fun. I'm not tied up to anyone. They've got stings but you can see there are no strings on me!'
'In a fix, in a bind Call on us anytime We'll appear from nowhere Mighty are we '
'Saludos amigos a fond greeting to you. A warm handshake or two. Good friends always do.'
LyricSong TitleMovie
'For the New World is like heaven And we'll all be rich and free Or so we have been told By the Virginia Company So we have been told by the Virginia Company'
'He's a tramp They adore him And I only hope He'll stay that way'
'I knew I'd never know That warm and loving glow Though I might wish with all my might No face as hideous as my face Was ever meant for heaven's light'
'There’s no place I’d rather be Then on my surfboard out at sea Lingering in the ocean blue And If I had one wish come true I’d surf till the sun sets Beyond the horizon'
'And as you sweep the room, imagine that the broom is someone that you love. And soon you'll find you're dancing to the tune.'
'The second star to the right Shines with a light so rare And if it's Never Land you need Its light will lead you there'
'Now comes the real tour de force Tricky and wicked, of course My earlier crimes were fine for their times But now that I'm at it again An even grimmer plot has been simmering'
'Oh, painting the roses red And many a tear we shed Because we know They'll cease to grow In fact, they'll soon be dead And yet we go ahead Painting the roses red'
'She glanced this way I thought I saw And when we touched she didn't shudder at my paw No it can't be, I'll just ignore But then she's never looked at me that way before'
'Down goes my last two bits Comes up one banana split And all the cats join in'
'And what do you think you'd understand? I'm a boy, no, I'm a man.. You can take me and throw me away. And how can you learn what's never shown? Yeah, you stand here on your own.'
'Drip, drip, drop little April shower what can compare to your beautiful sound.'

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