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Candidates use ____on the internet to campaign?
What shows which candidate voters favor at a certain time, why they like that candidate, and what issues they think are important?
Who started using blogs as a way to campaign?
Some voters may decide whether to vote or not based on what?
What's it called when messages are sent through the mail to large groups of people?
When candidates campaign in a personal way, what are they running for?
What do candidates often focus on, on their opponents?
Ads are made____ now, because of high expenses?
Political advertisements take a ____ stance on candidates opponents?
Where do PAC's get their money from?
A message that is meant to influence ideas, opinions, and actions in a certain way is called what?
When you favor one point of view, you are ___.
PAC's are limited by ____ ____.
How many propaganda techniques are used by candidates?(hint:spell out the number)
News reporters are suppposed to give what to the public?
Today, what do most voters use to recieve political information?
What do interest groups give to campaigns?
Tv, radio, internet, newspaper, and magazines are examples of what?
Clinton and ____ led the internet to become the center for political information.
What has happened to the internet over the years for political use?

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