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Forced Order
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Implicit agreement between the individual and the organization that specifies what each is expected to give and receive in the relationship
arrangement that allows employees to reduce their hours and/or responsibilities in order to ease into retirement
5 types of social support for Newcomer-Insider Psychological contracts
Second career stage, high achievement oriented stage in which people focus on increasing their competence
a structured series of job positions through which an individual progresses in an organization
fourth and final stage in an individual's career in which the individual comtemplates retirement or possible career changes
5 career anchors
an individual who provides guidance, coaching, counseling, and friendship to a protege
A sequence of job experiences that an employee moves along during his or her career
a point in an individual's career in which the probability of moving further up the hierarchy is low
The pattern of work-related experiences that spans the course of a person's life
(element of career) Involves your perception of the situation rather than training
Knowing what is good and what is bad gives a newcomer a sense of controler that is important to job satisfaction and performance (primary function of realistic job preview)
3 major tasks that the newcomer faces
what not to talk about
Occurs when an organization gains productivity while a person gains work experience
third stage in career, finds the individual trying to maintain productivity while evaluating progress toward career goals
(element of career) Observable, concrete environment
Career stage model
Individuals choose organizations that maximize postiive outcomes and avoid negative outcomces
Both positive and negative information given to potential employees about the job they are applying for thereby giving them a realistic picture of the job
a network of self-perceived talents, motives, and values that guide an individual's career decisions
means continually honing skills that can be marketed across organizations
means that power flows down to business units and in turn to employees
means that both individuals and organizations are committed to the successful completion of the project
4 phases of mentorship
John Holland's six personality types
Two difficult choices when beginning a career
employment that takes place after a person retires from a full-time position but before the person's permanent withdrawal from the workforce
4 characteristics of people who will be most successful in the new paradigm
work schedule that allows employees discretion in order to accommodate personal concerns
a relationship in which both people have important career roles
What kind of work problem do the chinese experience?

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