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Forced Order
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How long does pupa cycle last
Only _____ molt
How thick is the wax in the epicuticle?
How long does the larva cycle last
Reward for Beetles?
The molting hormone
What insects have resilin?
Insects have _____ circulatory systems
Nectar is rich in _____
Period between molts
Two systems of the insect nervous system
How long does the egg cycle last
Deals with absorption (not linked with chitin)
Much of insect integument is ______
Structure that allows fluid feeders to obtain more nutrients
Example of insect gall
Up to how many spiracles can insects have?
Insects that produce cellulase (3)
Insect blood is called ______
Resilin stores _________
How long does adult cycle last
Do male or female bees take nectar?
neuron groups form _______
Waste execreted by terrestrial insects
Internal feeders are only_____
Some flies have _____ mouthparts
First pollen transfer was ____ and _____
Deals with indigestion & digestion
neurons that carry signals to CNS
Mouthparts for beetles?
Food source for butterflies?
What do deutoerebrum control?
Connects to stomatogastric system; integrates input from other brain lobes
chemoreception referes to _____ & _____
Neurons that carry signals away from CNS
Inflatable sac on some flies
Chitin provides____ and _____
Key primary consumer of plants
Example of closed gall insect order
Removes waste, regulates water, urea salts

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