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Forced Order
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Earliest pollinators?
Galls are a plant structure or insect cell?
Name known types of plant insect interactions (4)
Moths attracted to what kind of flowers? (2)
Disadvantages of wind pollination? (2)
Name types of simple eyes (2)
Insects that feed on the inside undergo what kind of metamorphosis?
One bee adaptation for pollinators?
2 ways plants are pollinated?
Things adult butterflies need besides food? (3)
Stemmata are found in what type of insects?
What have plants developed to attract pollinators? (3)
Costs to plant? (2)
Plant adaptation for bees? (4)
Name one order that has leafminers
Native plants important to what stage of butterfly?
How many families of plants do generalists feed on?
Insect respiration relies heavily on what?
Give an example of an external feeder?
Disadvantages of Insect Pollination? (2)
Name 2 kinds of microorganisms that break down cellulose
What kind of flowers pollinated by butterflies? (2)
Advantages of wind pollination? (2)
Insect ears are called..
What kinds of flowers pollinated by flies?
Where do you find spiracles
Costs to pollinator? (2)
Non edible rewards? (4)
What is the primary waste product of aquatic insects?
Primary function of protocerebrum?
Leafminers are always what?
What ganglia control legs and wings?
What do ocelli detect?
Where on an insect would you find chemoreceptors?
What % of all insects are phytophagous?
biggest group of pollinators? (common name and order)
What kinds of flowers are pollinated by beetles?
What is controlled by the subesophagelal ganglion?
What life stage do butterflies overwinter in?
Without pollination, what is not produced?

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