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QUIZ: Can you name the Legend of Zelda Link to the Past Items?

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Link's House
Hyrule Castle
Hyrule Castle
Hyrule Castle
Southern Swamp
Lake Hylia
Kakariko Village
Kakariko Village/Under the Bridge/Desert of Mystery
Lost Woods
Witch's Hut
Eastern Palace
Sahasrahla's Hut
Desert Palace
Zora's Domain
Waterfall of Wishing
Waterfall of Wishing
Death Mountain
Tower of Hera
Lost Woods
Death Mountain
Zora's Domain
Dark Palace
East of Village of Outcasts
East of Kakariko Village
Desert of Mystery
Swamp Palace
Skull Woods
Thieves Town
Blacksmith's House
Death Mountain
Ice Palace
Misery Mire
Bomb Shop
Pyramid of Power
Pyramid of Power
Turtle Rock
Ganon's Tower

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