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Can you name the Emily's Birthday Sporcle ?

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Emily meets best people in the world!
This picture focused on something of Maggie's
This song is Kristin's favorite alarm
Sarah and Maggie almost did this at first Frat Party
A result of Kristin being hyper and making the basketball team!
Sarah stole a metal bar during this event
Clumsy Sarah and Emily lost their belongings on this day of the week after walking home from a party
This hard core drummer put on a show in the common room
This lamb dish never disappointed
Jasmine is still waiting for this
Questions Answers
The gang met up at this restaurant over Spring Break
A snow fight occured between people from this dorm
Sarah and Kristin pulled off their 'miss roommates dearly' by doing this to Emily
The alarm to this building was only sounded a few times by the girls of 340
Adventures at 5 a.m. for Sarah to visit friends in this city
Obama was wearing this during his 'real' press release
Emily let Sarah drive on the way back from this place
Emily initiated this while Kristin was in Georgia, unfortunately it was not accepted
The words Emily has been waiting to hear from Kristin

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