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designed to answer questions regarding why a treatment works
dimensions people use in making sense of their experiences
client relaxes while imagining being in a frightening situation
Take on the characteristics of another
approach to therapy that allows growth to be facilitated by genuine reactions from the therapist
Reverting back to immature age
idea that people are instinctively predisposed toward certain fears
chemical that produces rapid, shallow breathing and heart palpitations
person’s explicit knowledge of his or her own behaviors, tasks, and other personal characteristics
therapeutic approach that teaches clients to replace negative thinking with more positive beliefs
- individuals who are prone to depression automatically attribute negative characteristics to negative experiences to causes that are internal, stable, and global.
Replace impulses with exaggerated opposite
person’s assumptions about the likely consequences of a future behavior
sudden loss of memory for one’s personal history, accompanied by an abrupt departure from home and the assumption of a new identity
an existentialist approach to treatment helping the client realizes their behaviors and thoughts and take responsibility for them
uses various terms to characterize differences among people
Channeling impulses to acceptable activities
Prevention of desires reaching conscious
an approach that views personality in terms of how the person thinking about the situation encountered in daily life and behaves in response to them.
uses positive punishment to reduce undesirable behavior
exposing client to emotion arousing stimulus until the emotion decreases
sudden loss of memory for significant personal information
Attribute one’s own impulses to another person
surgical destruction of certain brain areas
involves inducing a mild seizure by delivering an electric shock to the brain.
repeated exposure to bright light
teaches an individual to be fully present in the moment and to detect their symptoms before they become a problem
personality as a conscious choice
extreme fear of venturing into public places
Plausible explanation for feelings and behavior
Shifting impulses to less threatening alternatives
designed to evaluate whether a particular treatment works
involves placing a powerful-pulsed magnet over person’s head, which alters neuronal activity in the brain
the question of whether behavior is caused by personality or situational factors
People’s tendency to take credit for their successes but downplay responsibility for their futures.
choices are made in context of life and death
emotional over-involvement and excessive criticism directed toward the former patient by his or her family.
presence within a individual of two or more distinct identities that at different times take control of the individuals behavior
given tokens for desired behavior
• A disorder or symptom that occurs as a result of a medical or psychotherapeutic treatment itself

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