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Forced Order
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the biological factor that determines whether male or femal
image of caring people; Example: Grandmother
People at this stage respect social rules
The type of care that is done out of duty, not out of love
Noddings believes that universal love is a what?
Behavior that expresses care; Example: donating blood
Focused on obedience, punishment, and self-interest
Doing to others as you expect them to do to you
Respecting universal ethical principles
Attitude that is prompted by a feeling
Characteristics that are used to determine between female and male
The initial reaction when we act on behalf of the other because we want to do so
Noddings believes that we have no obligations to other animals because there is no what in animals?
Situations in which we find ourselves in that are the context of moral decisions making
Conditions that are relevant to an event; Noddings believes this is important
Taking care of others needs

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