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Forced Order
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Application of normative ethics to actual cases
Beings who have moral worth
Drawing a conclusion based on what ought to be happening because of what is happening
Theory that morality is relative to individual norms
Those who are seen as having moral value
Theory that humans are superior to and separate from animals
States that there are fundamental moral principles that are universally true for all people
What an individual prefers
A conceptual framework for explaining a set of facts or concepts
People who act solely on their feelings
Someone or something has moral value only because society grants this status to them
Concerned with the justification of normative ethics
Theory that morality is relative to societal norms
Claims that morality is created by people and therefore can vary from person to person
Concerned with the study of values and guidelines by which we live. Also known as morals
A descriptive theory where there is disagreement among cultures regarding moral values

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