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through composed
West Side Story
Tromba Lontana (Distant Trumpet)
The Things Our Fathers Loved
A Musical Style with the inclusion of folksongs or dances in a composition that are associated with the composer's homeland
Rondeau, From Suite De Symphonies
Schoenberg's students
Major person of Neoclassicism
Piano Concerto in G Major
(big band) evolved from the improvisational New Orleans style but relied more on written arrangements of tunes
Symphonie Fantastique
Sonata V from Sonatas and Interludes
invented prepared pinao
The Nutcracker March
The Rite of Spring
Ancient Voices of Children
Water Music
A Musical Style of the German Reaction to French Impressionism
Madame Butterfly
Le Nozze de Fiagaro
Cantata No. 80 (Mighty Fortress)
Blends Western and Asian into a new soundscape (China Dreams: Prelude)
Billy the Kid
Born in Durango, wrote Cuauhnahuac and Homeaje
Sonnets form the Portuguese
Ride of the Valkyries
Fair Phyllis
A Musical Style when music was based on a series of twelve different pitches called a tone row
Major person of Impressionism
vocables are set to an improvised vocal line
Prelude to 'The Afernoon of a Faun'
New Negro
Music from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Simpsons, Men and Black, Desperate Housewives and Batman
Maple Leaf Rag
Art of Fugue, Contrapunctus I
Electonische Musik
Major person of Nationalism
Music from Oklahoma and The king and I
the king of ragtime
Pierrot Lunaire
Word painting
Stars and Stripes Forever
The Moon Reflected on the Second Springs
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
Ritornello form
Aria (Rigoletto)
Symphony No. 5 in C Minor
Missa Papae Marcelli, Gloria
Poeme electronique
Music from Sweeny Todd
The Moldau
Symphony No. 94 (Surprise)
Allegro commodo non agitato
American form of folk music based on simple, repetitive, poetic musical structure
a slight drop in pitch on the third, fifth, or seventh note of the scale
A Musical Style which stresses tone, color, atmosphere, and fluidity
the most important single force in the development of the early jazz styles
idee fixe
Raiders March from Raiders of the Lost Ark
A Musical Style that was a return to pre-romantic ideals of objectivity and clarity of texture
Porgy and Bess, Rhapsody in Blue, An American in Paris
tempo rubato
Billie Holiday with this band at one point
Major person of Expressionism
Music from Phantom of the Opera
an early type of jazz essentially for piano but also used in the early dance bands
Concerto for Orchestra
Polonaise in A Major
Music from Avatar, Titanic, and the Land Before Time
The Four Seasons
Alleluia: O Virga Mediatrix

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