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QUIZ: Can you name the Game Show by its Catch Phrase?

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Come on down!
The answer is...
'Would you like the rest on account or on a gift certificate?'
'Change it, Bob!'
'Survey says!'
'I'll take two tiles, Chuck.'
'Going once! Going twice! No sale!'
'Will our next challenger enter and sign in please.'
'Big bucks! No whammies!'
'Circle gets the square.'
'Not a match, the board goes back.'
'Dumb Dora was soooo dumb....'
'Open the case.'
Catch PhraseShow
'Is that your final answer?'
'Try to roll a double, it can keep you out of trouble.'
'Or, you can trade for the big box on the display floor.'
'You've got Geography, Fast Forward Presidents, and a Joker!'
'Elaine, break the seal on a brand new deck of cards.'
'Do you want the money, or the mob?'
'For $10,000, here is your first subject, go!'
'I will now defend my money by becoming a common contestant!'
'I'll take $30 on the red, Bill'
'We'll take the physical challenge.'
'If you'll come with me, the race is about to begin!'
'Letter...letter...letter...can't give it to you!'

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