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('Survivor' - Desert Island) + (Heidi Klum + Tim Gunn) =Bravo (2004-2008), Lifetime (2009-Present)
('The Dating Game' + 'Survivor'), such that: (Female Contestants > Male Contestants) =ABC (2002-Present)
('Antiques Roadshow' ) × (Las Vegas) + (Mr. Harrison)³ =A&E (2009-Present)
('The Tonight Show' ÷ 'The Jay Leno Show') - (NBC) +($45 Million Severance Package) + (Cable) =TBS (2010-Present)
'Y' ∈ {'Dragnet', 'Hill Street Blues', 'Adam-12'}, 'Z' ∈ {'Perry Mason', 'Matlock', 'The Defenders'} → (Y × Z) =NBC (1990-2010)
('The Office') × (Amy Poehler, et al.) =NBC (2009-Present)
'The People's Court' - (Judge Wapner) + (Loud Female Brooklynite) =Syndicated (1996-Present)
('60 Minutes' - Newsworthy Stories) + (Creepy Voiceovers + Hidden Cameras) =NBC (1992-Present)
'Donahue' + (Crying)³ + (Phil McGraw) + (Mehmet Oz) + (Gayle King) - (Phil Donahue) =Syndicated (1986-2011)
('Star Search' - Ed McMahon) + (Judges × 75,000,000) + (Mean British Guy) =FOX (2002-Present)
('The View') × (Julie Chen + Sharon Osbourne) =CBS (2011-Present)
('The $64,000 Question' ÷ $64,000) × $1,000,000 + (Lifelines) =ABC (1999-2002), Syndicated (2002-Present)
('Taxicab Confessions' - Sex Talk) + ('Jeopardy!') =Discovery Channel (2005-Present)
('The News Hour' - News) + (Sports)¹⁰⁰⁰ + (Booyah!) =ESPN (1979-Present)
'Monty Python's Flying Circus' - (British People) - (Tape Delay) + (The Not Ready for Primetime Players) =NBC (1975-Present)
('The Tonight Show' + 'It's Garry Shandling's Show') =HBO (1992-1998)
('Larry King Live' - Larry King) + ('America's Got Talent' - Sharon Osbourne - Howie Mandel) =CNN (2011-Present)
('Sesame Street' - Educational Value) + (A Dinosaur + Annoying Songs) =PBS (1992-2009)
('Medical Center' + 28 years) + ('A Bit of Fry And Laurie' - Stephen Fry) =FOX (2004-Present)
('The Daily Show with Jon Stewart' - Jon Stewart) × (The O'Reilly Factor) =Comedy Central (2005-Present)
('The Simpsons' - Abstract Characters) + (Cutaway Gags)² =FOX (1999-2002, 2005-Present)
('American Idol' - Singing) + (Contestants)² + (Cha Cha Cha) - (Ryan Seacrest) + (Tom Bergeron) =ABC (2005-Present)
'Tomorrow with Tom Snyder' < 'Late Night With David Letterman' < 'Late Night With Conan O'Brien' ≤NBC (2009-Present)
'Candid Camera' × (Ashton Kutcher) =MTV (2003-2007)
('Double Dare' × 'Who Wants To Be a Millionaire') + (Hyper Contestants) + (Guy Fieri) =NBC (2010-Present)
('Doogie Howser, M.D.' × Retrospective Sitcom) + (Bob Saget's Voice) =CBS (2005-Present)
'The Real World' × (Gym + Tanning + Laundry) =MTV (2009-Present)
('Mad Men' - Jon Hamm - Good Writing) + (Christina Ricci + Planes) =ABC (2011-Present)
'The Osbournes' + ∑ ((O.J. Simpson's Lawyer × Kris Jenner) ÷ 4) + (Bruce Jenner) - (The Osbourne Family) =E! (2007-Present)
'Seinfeld' - (Seinfeld Cast) - (Laugh Track) + (Profanity) =HBO (2000-Present)

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