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Can you name the all the Takarasiennes who had leading roles in Hanagumi from 2000-2010?

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2010 Bund, Code Hero, otokoyaku
2004, Naked City, otokoyaku
2000, Great Adventures of Tom Jones, onnayaku
2006 Phantom, otokoyaku
2003 A Flute Named Wind, onnayaku
2009 Oguri!, otokoyaku
2005, Earnest in Love, otokoyaku
2009 Me and My Girl, onnayaku
2007 The Dancing Girl, otokoyaku
2009 Fifty-Fifty, otokoyaku
2010 Sabrina, onnayaku
2006, Scout, otokoyaku
2002 Elisabeth, onnayaku
2008 Pale Kiss - Count Dracula's Love, otokoyaku
2002, Gone With the Wind, otokoyaku
2006, Young Bloods!, otokoyaku
2005, Earnest in Love, onnayaku
2010 Bund, onnayaku
2008 Gin-chan no Koi, otokoyaku
2001, Manon, onnayaku
2010 Gu Bijin, otokoyaku
2001 Canary, otokoyaku
2001, Manon, otokoyaku
1998 Michelangelo, otokoyaku
2006, Scout, onnayaku
2008 Gin-chan no Koi, onnayaku

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