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Can you add the missing word to the seven years war phrase?

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HintMissing word Letter
Plains of _________A
The occupation of ______B
Third _______ war*C
Louis ______ of EstréesD
Queen ________ of Russia E
__________ the greatF
King ______ IIIG
Battle of ______, 1758H
French and _______ war*I
King______ I of Portugal J
Battke of ______,1759K
Battle of _____,1757L
Marquis de ________M
HintMissing word Letter
Duke of _________N
Battle of_____,1761O
Battle of _____, 1757P
Battle of ________, 1757Q
Battle of ______,1757R
Third _______ war*S
Maria ______T
The _______provincesU
Treaty of __________V
General James ________W
King Louis ____X
Seven _____warY
Battle of _______, 1758Z

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