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Forced Order
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DescriptionEpisode Title
Monica and Phoebe find out Rachel is pregnant.
Monica and Phoebe try to guess who is the father of Rachel's baby.
Rachel decides to tell Ross he is the father.
Monica and Chandler make some friends on their honeymoon - who give them a fake number.
Ross is appalled to find out tht Rachel is going on a date while pregnant.
Phoebe becomes attracted to Ursula's fiancée at a Halloween party.
Joey puts a nursery in his apartment for Rachel's baby.
Dr. Green is very angry at Ross for impregnating Rachel and not planning to marry her.
Monica invites Rachel's enemy to Thanksgiving dinner.
Phoebe trys to get tickets to a Sting concert through Ben, who is in the same class at school as Sting's son.
Mona wants to make Christmas cards with her and Ross's picture on.
Joey promises to take Rachel on a fake date, but ends up getting a crush on her.
DescriptionEpisode Title
Chandler decides to take a bath...and can't stop
Chandler is intrigued by Monica's secret close and breaks into it.
Chandler accidentally watches a birthing video for Rachel.
Joey tells Ross about his feelings for Rachel.
Phoebe thinks she will meet a man after reading tea leaves.
The gang go to Monica's parents 35th wedding anniversary.
Joey answers questions for an interview and reminisces on moments with each of his friends.
Rachel holds a baby shower and her mom decides to move in with her.
Monica and Joey go to a cooking class.
Rachel's baby is overdue and tries every trick in the book to get the baby out.
Rachel is not impressed when she is given a semi-private room at the hospital.
Joey finds Ross's ring and picks it up - and Rachel thinks he is proposing.

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