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Forced Order
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DescriptionEpisode Title
Monica catches Ross and Rachel kissing - and assumes Rachel is trying to steal her thunder.
Joey stumbles on Rachel's juicy reading book.
Chandler tries to bond with Monica's dad in a sauna.
Rachel is promoted,and hires Tag.
Chandler realises he can't look good in photographs.
Phoebe and Rachel both want to be bridesmaid in Monica's wedding.
Rachel and Phoebe try to change Joey's mind when he wants to break up with his girlfriend.
Tag turns up at Thanksgiving, while Chandler admits why he hates dogs.
Ross buys Phoebe a bike, and teaches her how to ride it.
Ross tries to teach Ben into not believing in Christmas, but Hannukkah.
Rachel and Chandler steal tasty cheesecakes from their neighbour.
Ross and Joey are stuck on the roof.
DescriptionEpisode Title
Rachel and Chandler think they have broken Joey's chair.
The gang reminisce on their thirtieth birthdays.
Joey returns to Days of Our Lives
Joey is made a priest over the minister via the Internet.
Monica chooses a cheap wedding dress store.
Joey is nominated for a Soapie Award.
Monica and Ross's attractive cousin visits.
Rachel bumps into an old college friend who she kissed while drunk.
Chandler and Monica struggle to write their wedding vows.
Monica makes Chandler meet his dad, and Chandler invites him to the wedding.
Joey can't make it to Chandlers wedding on time.
Chandler and Monica get married, while it is revealed Rachel is pregnant.

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