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Forced Order
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DescriptionEpisode Title
Ross and Rachel recover from their Vegas hangover and realise they are married.
Monica and Chandler decide to move in together.
Ross suggests that Rachel should move in with him.
Joey found out his insurance has expired after he got injured.
Joey finds the keys to a Porsche and stands by it to attract girls.
Rachel and Monica get emotional while packing Rachel's stuff.
Phoebe has a weird jogging style which embarrases Rachel.
Ross uses far too much teeth whitener.
Chandler tries to win Monica's parents over at Thanksgiving.
Monica and Joey and Ross go to Dick Clark's Rockin New Years Eve.
Janine admits she does not like Monica and Chandler.
Ross gets a joke printed in a magazine - but Chandler takes credit for it.
Rachel's sister Jill visits.
DescriptionEpisode Title
Chandler admits he has not been able to cry since he was a child.
The gang wonder what life would be like if it had turned out differently for them.
The gang wonder what life would be like if it had turned out differently for them.
Ross tries to teach Unagi to Rachel and Phoebe.
Ross dates one of his students, Elizabeth.
Joey's fridge breaks, and he tries to blame it on the other friends.
Joey gets an role in a cable TV Show.
Ross is nervous about meeting Elizabeth's dad, Paul.
Chandler reveals to Phoebe he is going to propose to Monica.
Chandler gets Phoebe to help him choose an engagement ring.
Chandler chooses not to propose after seeing Richard.
Richard reveals he is still in love with Monica, but she agress to marry Chandler anyway.

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