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Forced Order
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DescriptionEpisode Title
Monica is stung by a jellyfish.
Phoebe thinks a stray cat is her mother.
Chandler gets back together with Joanna.
Joey gives Mr Treeger dancing lessons to stop him evicting Monica and Rachel.
Chandler falls in love with Joey's girlfriend Kathy.
Chandler gets closer to Kathy.
Chandler kisses Kathy.
Joey shuts Chandler in a box for kissing Kathy.
Ross and Chandler realise they'd rather act like adults then party.
Ross dates a girl who lives in Poughkeepsie.
Frank returns and asks Phoebe to carry his babies.
The gang try and prove who knows each other best - and Joey and Chandler win Monica's apartment.
DescriptionEpisode Title
Rachel tries to get Joshua to ask her out.
Joey takes a shower in a big star's trailer.
Ross plays rugby with Emily's big friends.
Rachel throws a goodbye party for Emily so she can invite Joshua.
Chandler and Joey watch porn on their TV.
Chandler and Joey try to get Phoebe to name her babies after one of them.
Monica and Rachel try to win back their apartment.
Rachel proposes to Joshua.
Rachel decides not to attend Ross's wedding.
Joey's duck swallows Ross's wedding ring.
Four of the gang arrive in London for Ross's wedding.
Rachel flies out to London to see Ross.

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