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Forced Order
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Ross admits his secret fantasy to Rachel.
Richard leaves a message on Monica's answering machine.
Chandler accidentally breaks Janice's wrist.
Phoebe gets auditions for Joey by pretending to be his manager.
Phoebe meets her little brother, Frank.
The gang have flashbacks about romantic experiences with each other.
Joey sees Janice kissing her ex-husband.
The gang try to poke Ugly Naked Guy to see if he's dead.
The gang play football on Thanksgiving - and Ross and Monica get fiercely competitive.
Ross breaks a little girl's leg.
Chandler has slept with one of Joey's sisters but can't remember which one.
Ross becomes jealous of Rachel's colleague Mark.
Monica meets Richard again.
Phoebe's ex singing partner wants to use Smelly Cat for an advert.
Phoebe dates Sergei, a Romanian diplomat who speaks no English.
Ross wakes up next to Chloe, while Rachel wants to get back together with him.
Five friends get stuck at a petrol station, and need Ross to help them.
17 year old Frank wants to get married to a 44 year old.
Ross and Rachel return each others stuff
Monica inherits a dollhouse from her aunt, but does not let Phoebe play with it.
Joey and Chandler buy a chick and a duck.
Rachel dates Tommy, who is insane
Ross finds a strange growth on his buttocks.
Phoebe sets up Ross on a date with Bonnie.
Ross decides whether to stay with Bonnie or to get together with Rachel.

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