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Can you name the Friends Episodes 2?

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Forced Order
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Ross comes back from China with new girlfriend Julie.
Joey and Phoebe taste Carol's breast milk.
The man from downstairs, Mr Heckles, dies.
Phoebe's husband turns up for a divorce.
The friends argue over money.
Joey and Chandler leave Ben on a bus.
Ross discovers Rachel loves him.
Ross makes a list of Rachel and Julie's bad things.
Phoebe realises her father is not who she thought it was.
Rachel dates Russ, who is strangely like Ross.
Carol and Susan get married.
Joey dates a fan who thinks his show is real.
Ross visits Marcel, who is in movies.
The gang watch Monica and Rachel's prom video.
Monica starts dating Richard - who is 21 years older than her.
Joey moves in to his new apartment.
Chandler gets a new roommate, the incredibly weird Eddie.
Joey's soap character is killed off.
Chandler tries anything he can to get rid of Eddie.
Phoebe realises her mother switched off sad movies before the end.
Chandler and Ross get bullied by people who take their chairs in Central Perk.
Both of Rachel's bickering parents show up on her birthday, so Monica is forced to make two parties to stop them seeing each other.
Phoebe infects her boyfriend with Chicken Pox.
Rachel's ex-fiancée Barry marries her ex-best friend Mindy.

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