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Forced Order
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Who has an unhealthy attachment to another member?
What color was Suga's hair during the RUN era?
Who was pictured with condoms in the background of their photo?
Who rapped '1 Verse'?
What food does Jungkook want Suga to buy him?
Who snores the loudest?
Who is the most afraid of the opposite sex?
What did Jungkook call ARMYs?
Who is Suga's 'lover'?
Which two members are from Busan?
What is Daegu to V?
What did V want to do if he wasn't in BTS?
Who has the thickest lips in BTS?
Who did BTS shoot a CF with in 2016? (rapper)
Who has famous eyebrows in BTS?
Who has an IQ of 149?
What animal can V make with his arm?
Who hates snakeu?
What did Suga throw into the pool?
'Converse, converse. I really hate converse!'--who says this in Converse High?
V went on a date with whom?
Who is 'car dooor guy'?
'This is my ****/seat.'--who said this?
Crow-Tit and Try Hard are two of three alternate English titles for 'Baepsae'. What is the third?
Which BTS song won first place for the first time in BTS history?
What animal is Jungkook always likened to?
What couple kissed in Rookie King?
Who can't cut an onion to save his life?
What sport does Suga enjoy?
Which two members have a friendship handshake?
Suga was unable to perform at the end of 2013 because of....?
What was Jungkook's first stage name? (it never really happened)
Member that talks in his sleep?
Member whose shirt was completely ripped off during a live concept trailer?
Name of the Troye Sivan song that Jungkook and Rapmon covered?
Only member that can tumble?
What did Jungkook use to get rid of fruit flies?
What song did Warren G help Rapmon with?
Member who's known for being a scaredy-cat?
What famous rapper does Jin claim to rap like?
What feature/characteristic do BTS members make fun of Jimin for?
What was the girl doing in the elevator when BTS was pranked?
Who made fun of Bang PD in a Bangtan Gayo?
What english word was tattooed on Jimin during a MAMA performance?
Who featured in Jo Kwon's 'Animal'?
What was V in the War of Hormone Halloween edition?
What is the title of Rapmon's mixtape?
What was Jungkook's occupation in the 'Dope' music video?
What song did V dance to in high heels?
Who has no jams?

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