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Can you name the Paper Mario: TTYD Partner Abilities?

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Attack enemies with a Headbonk. 
View enemies' descriptions and their HP in battle. 
Continue bonking foes until you miss an action command. 
Wink at Mario to give him the courage for an extra attack. 
Throw a shell at one enemy on the ground. 
Throw a shell at all enemies on the ground. 
Protect Mario from attacks with a giant shell. 
Strike all ground enemies, piercing their defense. 
Madame Flurrie
Plunge down onto an enemy from above. 
Attack all enemies with a powerful gust of wind. 
Suck away enemy HP and add it to Flurrie's with a kiss. 
Make Mario dodgy for a time so foes frequently miss him. 
Drop on enemies from above, crushing them repeatedly. 
Inhale an enemy and spit it out at another enemy. 
Throw eggs at enemies to shrink them to tiny size. 
Call in a herd of Yoshis to attack all ground enemies. 
Attack with a burning punch that sets enemies on fire. 
Hide in the shadows with Mario to avoid attacks. 
Attack all foes with flames that set them on fire. 
Blow a kiss to all enemies to confuse them. 
Admiral Bobbery
Attack a ground-bound foe with an explosion. 
Throw three time bombs that will explode one turn later. 
Damage enemies that directly attack Bobbery. 
Attack all enemies with a massive blast. 
Ms. Mowz
Attack an enemy with a slap that pierces defense. 
Steal an enemy's badge or item. 
Tease enemies with some sly moves, making them dizzy. 
Replenish Mario's HP with a lovely kiss. 

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