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1. Main female character who eventually takes over the Bellas
2. Main male character who has a crush on main female character
3. Leader of the Barden Bellas group
4. Redheaded co-leader of the Barden Bellas
5. Female character who admits to having a lot of sex
6. Female African American character who is a lesbian
7. Nerdy roommate of main male character who performs magic tricks
8. Leader of the Treblemakers
9. Asian girl who speaks very quietly
10. Eccentric heavyset girl
11. Radio station manager
12. Main female character's roommate
13. Male commentator of the ICCAs
14. Female commentator of the ICCAs
15. Food item that gets thrown at #10
16. Song that the Bellas sing on the bus
17. Song that #1 sings during the Bellas' performance, which upsets #3
18. Movie that #2 wants #1 to watch the end of
19. Either of the 2 songs that the Bellas sing year after year
20. Song that the a capella groups audition with
21. Song from #18 that the Bellas perform as part of their performance at the end
22. Vocal problem that #4 has
23. Song that #1 and #4 sing together in the shower
24. Name of the a capella group that performs with puppets
25. Place where #10 is from
26. Profession that #1 dreams about
27. Frequency of the radio station
28. Group that was disqualified because one of their singers was not in college
29. What ICCA stands for
30. Problem that #6 admits to having

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