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Can you name the all the names given to Walkers in the Walking dead franchaize?

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TV SeriesUsed by Main Group Season 1
TV SerieUsed by Grady Memorial Hospital Group
Universal TermUsed by main group in TV Series
TV SeriesUsed by Nicholas in Remember
Comic SeriesUsed by Several people
Comic SeriesKnown to 'roam' around looking for food
Comic SeriesKnown for playing 'dead' until something approaches
TV Series and ComicUsed by Woodbury
TV SeriesUsed by Dave and Tony
TV Serieswalkers that become bloated from being in water for long periods of time
Video Game and TV SeriesUsed by Chet, Clementine, Brenda, Milton and Andrea
Comic SeriesUsed by Paul Monroe
Comic SeriesUsed by the Saviors
Comic Book and Video GameUsed by Albert
Walk with meUsed by Merle Dixon
TV SeriesUsed by Dale and T-Dog
TV SeriesUsed several times to describe a group of zombies
HintAnswerMore Information
Walking Dead: Survival InstinctUsed by Daryl Dixon
Comic SeriesUsed by Tyreese
Walking Dead:Surival InstinctUsed by Daryl Dixon in Survival Instinct
Not Said MuchNot said much but used to describe unseen or roaming walkers
Survival InstinctsUsed by Merle Dixon in Survival Instinct
Survival InstinctsUsed by Chuck in Video game
Survival InstinctsUsed by survivors in Oakview in Survival Instinct
The Walking Dead Webisobes: The OathUsed in The Walking Dead Webisodes
The Walking Dead webisobes:The OathUsed by Gale Macones
The Walking Dead Social GameUsed by Harlan
TV SeriesUsed by Sam and Ana
The Walking Dead Wedisobes:The OathUsed by Karina
Universal TermA group of walkers
TV SeriesUsed by Dr. Jenner
Comic SeriesUsed by Magna
Video GameUsed by Jane
TV SeriesUsed by Martin in No Sanctuary

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