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When was the Euro established?
After the USSR collapse, Russia took on a ____ economy.
Who was elected President of Russia in 2000?
Regional trade agreements between multiple nations is known as what?
The ability to meet present needs and still be able to provide for future generations is...
What massive natural disaster occured in South East Asia in 2004?
An epidemic begining in the 1980's that has killed 20 million people is...
The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty attempted to stop the creation of...
After the cold war, the Soviet Union lost its power, who then became the sole 'super power' ?
In what year did America sent Apallo into space to orbit the earth?
This, promotes trade among the Pacific Rim nations
Alber Einstein, and three other men participated in the sectret atomic bomb producing called what?
In what year did the United Nations sign the Declaration of Human Rights?
To furthur support the GATT, 100 Nayions joined what orginization?
What is money left over have exspences?
Dependance of countries on eachother for goods, resourses & labor is..
in 1973, _____ limited oil exports & raised oil prices, sending economic shock areound the world
In what year did woman win the right to vote in most European Nations?
The right of Child passed in what year?
In what year did the treaty of 'Kyoto Protocol' limit greenhouse gases?

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